Plan Now for Brickworld Chicago 2015: June 17 - 21 2015

Brickworld 2012 Group

Brickworld begins on Wednesday evening the week of the event. Thursday and Friday are devoted to registered attendees with Friday holding more younger attendee activities. During the day and evening of Thursday and Friday, AFOLs have lots of time for bonding, sharing and set up of displays. During the day, there are workshops, presentations and round table discussions provided by fellow AFOLs and other community partners. These sessions are designed to give registered attendees the opportunity to share with each other, learn from each other, discover new aspects of the hobby, and explore the various creations fellow AFOLs have on display. There are opportunities to:
  • Build creations on site
  • Participate in contests and games
  • Hang out with friends
  • Learn more about the hobby
  • Have fun in many ways
The convention schedule will show the specific, planned activities and will be posted as Brickworld approaches. Generally speaking, there is a mixer on Wednesday evening, opening ceremonies are Thursday evening, workshops are on Thursday, set up the display rooms is Thursday & Friday, and presentations & set drafts are on Friday. There are plenty of other activities too - all day long and most of the night for any registered attendee interested in joining the fun.

There are two types of registration available: Full Registration and All Access Registration. Full Registration is recommended for adult fans and teen fans (accompanied by an adult). The All Access registration is recommended for families looking to have fun for the kids beyond looking at displays. All Access registration is also good for adults accompanying TFOLs. The differences in the registration types are depicted in the following table.

  Registration Type
Item All Access Full
Registration Limit None 700
Registration Cost $50 $75
Opening Ceremony Access
Workshop Access (Thursday)
Presentation Access (Friday)
Non-Public Event Hall Access (Friday Afternoon - Sunday)
Event Hall Access (Thursday - Sunday)
Kidsworld Kids Event Access (Friday)
World of Lights Access (18 and over on Saturday)
Weekend Contest Participation Access
Weekend Game Participation Access
Awards Ceremony Access (Sunday)
Brickworld Commemorative Brick
Brickworld Lanyard
Option to purchase Brickworld Brick Badge
Charity Auction
Ability to Display Creations (Individual & Collaborative)  
Standard Goody Bag  
Bonus $40 LEGO kit in Goody Bag*    
Raffle (multiple prizes)  
Grand Prize Raffle  
Eligible for Brickworld Awards  
* - Due to the LEGO Group failing to meet their commitment to provide sets at a 50% discount, we have cancelled the Bonus set and will be refunding $25 to each full registrant that paid $100.  We are very sorry for this confusion.  LEGO informed us of this change the evening of March 24th and they say they will have their published documentation updated "next week".  We hope this does not negatively impact your impression of Brickworld.

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