BrickWorld Charity Fundraiser

Esther Walner Memorial Charity Auction & Raffle

Each year BrickWorld attendees rally together to participate in what has become an exciting and unforgettable event. The Esther Walner Memorial Charity Auction features unique items donated by individiuals, groups and companies to help raise money for charity. Proceeds benefit several deserving charities, including FIRST LEGO League, Toys for Tots and the Make a Wish Foundation.

The charity event also includes a raffle.  The raffle has 2 tiers of ticket prices.  You can purchase your tickets for the raffle at the event.  On Friday afternoon, all the raffle items will be on display in the theater area with ticket bowls for each item.  You simply need to place the correct color ticket in that bowl and you have a chance to win the item.

I Want to Donate

Giving back to the community is essential for the growth and enjoyment of the hobby, which is why donating to and attending the charity auction can be a refreshing way to interact with fellow enthusiasts. Donations can be almost anything related to The Brick and may include vintage or rare sets, memorabilia, promotional items, custom minifigs, MOCs, and accessories. Donations can be mailed ahead of time or brought to the event and delivered to the registration desk by Thursday. You can print out the donation form and submit with your item(s). Please include the following info with your donation:

Item Description

Estimated Value of Item

Donor Info (Name, Club, Company, etc...)

Note: Donating to the auction will result in recognition as a sponsor of the auction if you desire and indicate that you would like to be recognized.

I Want to Bid

Your Brickworld badge has your auction bidding number on the back.  So, you are all set when you get your badge. Bid high and often! When you win an item we will record the amount of the winning bid and your number. Please see us after the auction for payment. Cash and credit are accepted. Below are some of the items already scheduled for the auction block:


In 2009 the yearly charity event was officially named after Esther to honor her commitment to the LEGO community. It seems fitting to name the auction for Esther as it is all about giving back to children and the LEGO enthusiast community. We will also be doing our best to continue Esther’s drive to increase female involvement in the community and make sure that newbies to Brickworld are treated with the same warm welcome that Esther provided. Please join us in remembering Esther at the auction this year.

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